Historical building, 1958

West Disinfecting Building, 1958

Landed directly from Cambridge in England, Dr. Robert West brought to our continent the formula for a coal tar-based disinfectant. In 1882, he founded West Disinfecting, which then embarked on its business activities with this unique and promising product. It was the start of a beautiful story.

In 1925, West Disinfecting moved to Montreal in order to better serve its Canadian customers. The company’s reputation spread throughout the country and the significant growth it experienced led it to change its name. As of 1957, West Disinfecting became Chemical Products West of Canada Ltd.

In 1976, West acquired the Penetone Corp., a well-known company that had been working for 50 years in the field of disinfection. The ownership turned back to the United States in the 1980’s. This restructuring gave rise to the new company name of West Penetone Inc. since 1992.

Historical building

West Disinfecting Building

In 2006, the company made another strategic acquisition in order to strengthen its presence and operations in western Canada. The company in question, R&M Chemicals, had been working for over 40 years in the development and manufacture of high-quality cleaning products.

Constantly growing and with the wind in its sails, West Penetone continued to grow, always seeking to develop new products for emerging markets. The company’s strength is still the excellence of the services it provides to its customer base.

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