Military / Commercial Aviation

The rigorous cleaning and maintenance needs of the Military Aerospace and Aviation Industries demand specialized, highly effective and safe products. At West Penetone, we have consistently met these demands with innovative product lines and a team of specialists who understand these needs.  And as the demand for more environmentally sound products has increased, West Penetone has delivered time and time again with breakthrough technologies. Our Penair and Citrikleen product lines are based on exclusive Terpene technology which replaces highly toxic hazardous solvents with water-soluble, biodegradable formulations. We have also developed products to replace MEK and other Ozone depleting chemicals, without sacrificing performance. Our complete product line meets all Specification and QPL’s as required, and are designated for applications from aircraft cleaning to paint stripping. All of our products are manufactured under the stringent quality standards of ISO 9001-2015.

Whatever your cleaning or maintenance need, we have the right chemistry for your application. We back our commitment with highly trained field representatives and on-site technical assistance.

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