Penair® Product Line

In 1942, Penetone Corporation developed the first safer cleaners used at Pearl Harbor. Today, West Penetone is still a supplier to the US Military. Military helicopters, gun ships, jets, transports are tough to clean and our products have been formulated to meet and exceed the challenge. Not only do they remove tough soils and deposits, they are formulated to meet safety and biodegradability standards developed by the military labs. Penair cleaners are actually tested to be readily biodegradable.

Penair products will not corrode aluminum, magnesium, plated metals, will not dull paint, and will not craze acrylic or polycarbonate windows. They are also minimally irritating to skin.

Penair aircraft cleaners can be used at very high water dilutions providing excellent economy and less chemical going to the sewer. In many locations that wash aircraft daily we were able to reduce usage up to 80%.

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