Since its establishment in the United States, West Penetone’s mission has been to provide chemical disinfectants and cleaners that meet the highest government and military standards for sanitary conditions.

The constant evolution of the industries in which we operate motivates us to invest in research and development in order to develop solutions that are ever greener, safer and more economical.

Beyond products, we want to provide our customers with advanced skills that will lead them to be more efficient in their operations. To do this, we judiciously combine procedures, products and equipment to provide turnkey programs that are easy to implement in their industry.

Our Values

  • Achieving the highest environmental and safety standards
  • A professional and sustained service
  • Products manufactured in the United States
  • A constant search for new effective and economical solutions

Corporate philosophy

WE are a manufacturer of specialty cleaners, degreasers, and sanitizers for industrial use. We have been in business for over one hundred years and it has been our intention, and remains our intent, to operate a productive and successful enterprise which is mutually beneficial to the company’s stockholders, employees, customers and suppliers.

WE recognize that our employees are our greatest asset and without their dedication and loyalty we will not achieve our goals. We therefore intend to listen; we will build better and clearer lines of communication. We intend to continue to provide a safe working environment. And we intend to promote the wellness and welfare of our employees which is essential for creative and productive minds.

WE recognize that we must satisfy the needs of our customers in order to remain successful. We therefore intend to continue to provide a superior quality product and excellent service to our customers, thereby gaining their loyalty and earning a reputation for quality and service in the marketplace.

WE recognize that we are dependent on our suppliers to produce our products competitively. We believe we have an obligation to our suppliers to treat them in a fair manner and to observe the highest moral and ethical standards in our business conduct.

WE firmly believe in dignity, rights, privileges, and responsibilities of the individual; whether employee, customer, or supplier. We believe the company has a responsibility to provide an atmosphere conducive to these beliefs, and in turn our employees, customers and suppliers have a similar responsibility to the company.

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