Power Cleaner® 310L

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Power Cleaner® 310L is a low foam aqueous cleaner designed for use in jet washers, hot tanks, and ultrasonic tank operations. Power Cleaner 310L is a concentrated formulation of special cleaning agents effective in removing many soils, including grease, cutting oils, and rust preventative oils. Power Cleaner 310L will actually brighten metal surfaces, returning them to like new condition. Power Cleaner 310L is an effective aqueous replacement for the vapor degreasing process. 
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Available Sizes:
5 gal. pail, 55 gal. drum 
ASTM F519 BAC 5763 Rev D. Type II Class 1&2 Grades A&B
ASTM F945 ASTM F1110 (Sandwich corrosion of aluminum)
ARP 1755 GE CT 882 (includes some of above)
Military Approval:
Hill AFB Wheel/Tire
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