Steam Kleen®

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Steam Kleen® is a fast acting, economical liquid steam cleaning detergent specially formulated for industrial and transportation use. It quickly and efficiently removes heavy greases, carbonized oil and caked soils. . . penetrates deep into crevices, blind holes and other inaccessible areas to get out dirt other cleaners can’t touch. It cleans and dries after rinsing without streaking or hazing.
Steam Kleen provides fast, efficient cleaning at very low concentrations.It dissolves instantly. . .acts fast to cut cleaning time and labor costs.
Steam Kleen has a mild pleasant odor, is non-fuming and non flammable. It is safe on all metals as well as painted and non-painted surfaces. And it is biodegradable.
Steam Kleen is completely soluble, won’t clog lines or corrode equipment. It is fortified with water softening ingredients that retard and prevent formation of scale. Your cleaning equipment will last longer, run better with minimum maintenance and less down-time. 
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5 gal. pail, 55 gal. drum 
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