Pensolv PB2000

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Pensolv PB2000 can replace 1,1,1-trichloroethane for all your bench top cleaning needs. Using chemistry designed for the new millennium, Pensolv PB2000 is a CFC and HCFC free, fast acting, fast drying, high purity, general purpose solvent that has no restrictive uses such as CFC and HCFC containing products. Excellent wetting action and low surface tension allows Pensolv PB2000 to penetrate tough areas and remove grease, dirt, oil, and oxidation with ease. An ultra powerful spray, in the aerosol can, enhances soil penetration. Pensolv PB2000 for spray cleaning or degreasing:
  • Motors
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Radio and TV Assemblies
  • Coils and Condensers
  • Hand and Machine Tools
  • Vending Machines
  • Computers and Other Office Equipment
  • Drying Ignition Systems
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Available Sizes:
5 gal. pail, 55 gal. drum 


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