Window Jetkleer®

Product Description:
Window Jetkleer® is an advanced formula window cleaner that is non-streaking and safer to use than most products available today. Window Jetkleer has excellent lubricity and is easier to wipe clean with its “static release” feature, resulting in a one-step cleaning process. Windows in an industrial environment where atmospheric dust clings to glass are now easily cleaned with Window Jetkleer. Window Jetkleer meets AMS 1535B specs and has been approved for use on KC-135, J-STARS (E-8) and C-130 aircraft in USAF Technical Orders.

Window Jetkleer can be used on:
  • Aircraft windows
  • Commuter rail windows
  • Bus windows
  • Industrial environment windows
  • Any and all glass and plastic surfaces where industrial strength cleaning is needed
Business Sectors:
Available Sizes:
32 oz. spray btl. (12 case), 4 X 1 gal., 5 gal. pail, 55 gal. drum 
AMS 1535B
Military Approval:
T.O. 1C-135(K)R2-2GA-2 (for KC-135s)
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