Product Description:
Wedac® is an acid containing detergent that cleans, derusts and descales. Wedac contains a stable inhibitor which provides effective protection on most metals and many other surfaces. Wedac can be used at any strength in dip, brush or wipe-on methods.
Wedac is ideal for prepaint treatment of metal surfaces, and has hundreds of other uses. Wedac can be used to brighten aluminum and stainless steel, clean radioactive contaminated equipment, clean tile and grouting.
Wedac has rapid wetting and penetrating action providing faster rust and corrosion removal than other commonly used acids. Stable for use over a wide range of temperatures, Wedac’s special inhibitor does not precipitate out and become inactive even after large amounts of rust and corrosion have been dissolved.
Wedac rinses freely, and contains no muriatic acid.
Wedac solutions are not recommended for cleaning galvanized, chrome, nickel or tin-plated metal. Caution is called for when using Wedac on aluminum parts. 
Business Sectors:
Available Sizes:
4 X 1 gal., 50 gal. drum 
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