Pensolv L1002

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Product Description:
Pensolv L1002 was developed as an environmentally improved replacement for mineral spirits. Pensolv L1002 lacks the aromatic hydrocarbons that are often present in other similar products. The levels are less than 0.2% total aromatics, a value that yield regulatory benefits without affecting cleaning performance.
Pensolv L1002 is classified as non-photochemically reactive and is not reportable under SARA Title III Section 313.
Pensolv L1002 meets the requirements of Federal Specification P-D-680 Type I, MILPRF-680 Type I, ASTM D235 Type IV, Class C and FDA 21 CFR172.884 and 178.3650. 
Business Sectors:
Available Sizes:
55 gal. drum 
ASTM D235 Type IV, Class C
FDA 21 CFR172.884 and 178.3650
Military Approval:
P-D-680 Type I
MIL-PRF-680 Type 1
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