Penmul L950

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Penmul L950 is an odorless solvent emulsion degreaser designed to remove quickly most soils as well as oily or greasy substances from metal, wood, plastic, painted, coated or fabric surfaces. It is completely neutral (nonacidic, nonalkaline). Formulated with powerful, odorless solvents and concentrated chemical emulsifiers, Penmul L950 quickly dissolves and emulsifies grease and oil, light carbonaceous deposits and tar-like substances which can easily be rinsed away with water, without leaving an oily film or strong obnoxious odor. Penmul L950 has a high flash point of 185 F. 85 C. (C.O.C.) and a TLV of 300 ppm. Unlike strong-odored solvents which often cause nausea, Penmul L950 is almost odor free and pleasant to use. 
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5 gal. pail, 55 gal. drum 
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