Penetone® 19B

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Penetone 19B is a neutral pH liquid cleaner. Penetone 19B complies with the requirements of General Electric MID-IDM-6000-3 Appendix A5 “Specification for Liquid Detergent for Compressor Cleaning for GE Aircraft Derivative Gas Turbines in Industrial Applications” as tested by an independent laboratory. Frequent washing of compressor and turbine units with Penetone 19B will guard against sulfidation attack, keep compressor airfoils free of contamination and reduce corrosion of compressor blades, stators and discs. When used regularly, Penetone 19B also virtually eliminates those time consuming carboblast cleaning methods which employ dry, abrasive media such as walnut shells. Penetone 19B can be utilized in a wide variety of areas: public utilities, railroads, marine trade, offshore oil platforms, gas and oil pipelines. Penetone 19B is safe on titanium, brass, copper, magnesium and aluminum. 
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5 gal. pail, 55 gal. drum 
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