Penair® HD-4 RTU

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Penair HD-4 RTU is a biodegradable aircraft cleaner specifically designed for use on all types of aerospace equipment, including aircraft exteriors and aerospace ground equipment (AGE). Penair HD-4 RTU is a mild liquid alkaline cleaner containing corrosion inhibitors and heavy duty surfactants that make it highly effective on the toughest of aircraft soils, including exhaust carbon, hydraulic oils, boot prints, and solid film lube. Penair HD-4 RTU replaces cleaners that contain toxic or environmentally harmful ingredients thereby allowing aircraft maintenance personnel to comply with stringent EPA and OSHA standards. Penair HD-4 RTU has no flash or fire point and eliminates any storage or handling problems. Additionally, Penair HD-4 RTU contains low levels of VOC’s, lessening problems with regards to air quality in non-attainment areas. 
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11 oz. (aerosol) (12 case), 24 oz. (12 case) 
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