Penair® HD-3

Product Description:
Penair® HD-3 is a state-of-the-art, biodegradable, heavy duty cleaner, that is thickened, and will cling to vertical and overhead surfaces. The thixotropic properties of Penair HD-3 allow it to be applied to a soiled surface where the cleaner will not run off, allowing increased contact time. The improved cleaning properties, due to increased contact time, results in decreased manual labor and reduced man-hour requirements.

Penair HD-3 can be used to replace P-D-680 and other toxic solvents when cleaning aircraft wheel wells, exhaust tracks, wing flaps, and rotorhead areas of the aircraft.
Penair HD-3 will not harm aircraft paints and is non-corrosive to aerospace metals. 
Business Sectors:
Available Sizes:
55 gal. drum 
1. Douglas Aircraft CSD 1 2. Boeing D6-17487 Rev. L 3. Continental Airlines exterior cleaner
Military Approval:
MIL-PRF-87937D Type III
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