Penair® C5575

Product Description:
Penair® C5575 is a state-of-the-art, low VOC, heavy-duty cleaner that has been thickened in order to cling to vertical and overhead surfaces. The gel properties of Penair C5575 allow it to be applied to soiled surfaces without product runoff. This allows for an increased contact time, which results in better cleaning performance, decreased labor and reduced man-hour requirements. Penair C5575 will not harm aircraft paints and is non-corrosive to aerospace metals. 
Business Sectors:
Available Sizes:
13 oz. (aerosol) (12 case), 5 gal. pail, 55 gal. drum 
AMS 1523B, Boeing D6-17487 Rev. P
Douglas Aircraft CSD-1
Military Approval:
MIL-PRF-85570D Type V
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