Citrikleen® HD

Product Description:
Citrikleen® HD is a patented blend of a natural hydrocarbon solvent (non-petroleum), carbon removers and surfactants. It is specifically formulated to dislodge and reduce carbonaceous soils, gelled oils and grease masses into easily rinsed particles to leave a clean surface. Requiring no heat, Citrikleen HD has a pleasing odor and high efficiency. Permitted to stand overnight, oils, greases and carbonaceous particles will rise to the top of the tank and may be skimmed off.
Business Sectors:
Available Sizes:
5 gal. pail, 55 gal. drum 
1. United Airlines Exterior Aircraft specs. 2. AMS 1526A Exterior Aircraft specs. 3. Douglas Aircraft CSD-1 4. ARP 1755 5. General Electric CT-882 6. Pratt & Whitney hot metal corrosion 7. Continental Airlines exterior cleaner 8. General Electric engine cleaning, F101, F118, F110-129, 400 & 1004 engines
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