Citrikleen® Aerosol

Product Description:
Citrikleen® Aerosol is a biodegradable, water-rinsable cleaner/degreaser formulated with an organic, non-petroleum organic solvent. It also contains an emulsion/surfactant system to emulsify and saponify oils and greases for rinsing or wiping away. Citrikleen Aerosol replaces environmentally destructive products that are typically sold over the counter and that deplete ozone and pollute the air.
Citrikleen Aerosol penetrates on contact. It provides powerful cleaning and degreasing action, quickly loosening
dirt and grease from metal, ceramic and vinyl tile, chrome, rubber, cement, glass, and washable painted and unpainted surfaces.
Business Sectors:
Available Sizes:
16.5 oz. (aerosol) (24 case) 


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