The West Family of Companies

Over 100 years of innovation, serving a wide range of industries, with an unmatched concern for the environment.

Committed to the Needs of a Changing World

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In 1882, an Englishman named Dr. Robert S. West came to America with a coal tar-based disinfectant developed at Cambridge University. Armed with a unique product that had never before been sold in this country, along with determination and a vision, Dr. West Founded the company that spawned an entire industry of safer cleaning and lubricating products. Today, the West family of companies are industry leaders in environmentally sound cleaning and lubricating products available throughout the world.

West established itself early in its existence as an industry leader and problem solver, developing one breakthrough product after another. The company was first to develop “green” cleaners, sterilizers and disinfectants. It quickly became a leader in industrial cooling and cutting oils, and a key producer of safer cleaner and lubricants for the mining industry.

That’s Why So Many Companies Have Gone West

Today, after over 100 years, the West Family of Companies serves industries with some of the world’s toughest cleaning and lubrication problems – industries as diverse as pulp and paper, petrochemical, mining, supermarkets, aerospace and the military. West companies manufacture an array of products that includes sanitizers and disinfectants, industrial cleaners and degreasers, carbon removers, lubricants, coolants, dust suppressants and deicers. In fact, West products are used practically everywhere, from airlines to zoos.

As the West family has grown, it has never forgotten Dr. West’s commitment to the needs of our customers, their employees and an ever-changing world. This commitment to customer service, state-of-the-art technologies and environmental and worker safety is why, over the years, so many companies have gone West. The sections that follow tell the story of each member of the West family.

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Penetone Corporation & West Penetone, Inc.

In 1976, Penetone Corporation, a pioneering company in the development of safer cleaning products for over 50 years, joined the West family. Today, Penetone Corporation and its Canadian counterpart, West Penetone, Inc., lead the industry in providing environmentally-friendly, safer cleaning technologies and programs to some of the most important industries in North America, including petrochemical, pulp and paper, printing, military/aerospace, supermarkets, food processing, and more.

Since its founding in 1933, Penetone Corporation has a rich history of innovation and industry milestones. The first to produce synthetic industrial liquid hand soaps without harsh, caustic ingredients. The leader in the formulation and production of liquid steam cleaning concentrate. The first to find a safer replacement for toxic carbon tetrachloride.

We Clean Industry Without Clearing Out The Environment

The first to produce a no-flash-point, water-based, solvent decarbonizer and degreaser, formulated to replace volatile and dangerous solvents.

More recently, Penetone was the first to develop a line of patented, biodegradable, non carcinogenic, natural and renewable cleaners and degreasers based upon the naturally occurring terpene d-limonene found in the rind of citrus fruit. This patented technology, found in our CITRIKLEEN family of products, is unmatched in the marketplace today.

And our just-patented PENETONE ET technology continues our commitment to the continued development of safer, more environmentally sound cleaning products.

Because protecting the environment isn’t just good business. Its good for us all.

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Petron Corporation

For ovebiodegradable_cleanersr 25 years, Petron Corporation has provided the mining and metalworking industries with innovative, top-quality leading-technology specialty lubricants.

In fact, Petron has become an important cog in the operations of some of the world’s largest mining and manufacturing companies. Petron’s lubricants are used by some of these companies under the harshest conditions imaginable – on the largest mill gears in the world, in taconite, gold, copper and numerous other mining facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin American, and Australia.

Like the other members of the West family, Petron is committed to industry leadership and protecting workers and the environment. Petron is the leader in the development of asphaltic and synthetically based lubricants for mining, power plants, cement and allied industries. The leader in the design and development of non-chlorinated synthetic and semi synthetic cooling, cutting and drawing products for the industrial market.

We Lubricate Some Of America’s Biggest Companies

The first to offer nonleaded materials to eliminate hazardous waste. The first with chlorinated-solvent-free lubricant formulations to help reduce ozone depletion. And the first lubricant suppler to develop an approved process for reclaiming spent open-gear lubricant.

As with all West companies, Petron’s customers are its number one priority. This commitment doesn’t stop when the sale is made – Petron has a comprehensive post-sale service and support program that’s unique in the industry. Petron field technical service managers regularly visit customer sites to analyze the performance of Petron products and help optimize their use, and quarterly technical reviews recommend ways of improving the efficiency of our customers’ operations.

Over the next 25 years, Petron will continue to address the needs of its customers by exploring advanced lubrication technologies. Because one of the best ways to be known is by the companies you keep.

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At West, our concern for the world is worldwide. We actively pursue growth around the globe, marketing our products and technologies internationally through distributors and/or joint venture arrangements in nearly every corner of the planet, including the Americas, Eastern and western Europe, Southern Africa, Asia, the Pacific Rim, and Australia/New Zealand.

In addition to the cleaning, sanitizing and lubricating technologies licensed offshore, West has enjoyed excellent success licensing its specialty low iodine technology for the human health field. This patented technology offers unique stabilization of effective iodine levels in a variety of antiseptic and hand wash products, including the highly effective use of lower, less staining iodine content.

Our Commitment To A Changing World

The West Family of Companies takes pride in its rich history of innovation and commitment to high quality, environmentally sound products and technologies. We are particularly committed to the needs of our valued customers. Our dedicated sales, technical support and engineering teams are on call to solve any customer cleaning, sanitizers or lubricating problem, backed by our state-of-the-art R&D facilities. And our extensive network of computerized manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities throughout North America and Canada ensures the delivery of the right product, right when it’s needed.

World-class technologies, environmentally safer products and dedicated customer service with a global reach – that’s our commitment to a changing world. Contact us so we may direct you to your local distributor.

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