Penair® M5704A

Product Description:
Penair® M5704A is a gas turbine engine cleaner specifically designed to improve the performance of aircraft turbine engines. Used at a 1:4 dilution ratio with fresh water, Penair M5704A forms a micro-emulsion which provides fast removal of accumulated dirt, oil residues and salt deposits from interior gas path surfaces. Rinsing with water after application leaves the gas path free of soils and protects turbine engines against sulfidation attack.
Penair M5704A has been tested on titanium, brass, copper, magnesium, aluminum, sermetal W, steel and stainless steel without harmful side effects. It is safe for polymeric materials, such as silicone elastomers, epoxy adhesives and acrylic plastics when used as intended and as specified in MIL-PRF-85704C Type I. 
Business Sectors:
Available Sizes:
5 gal. pail, 55 gal. drum 
Solar Turbines ES-9-62/9-62-1
Pratt & Whitney SPMC 87-7/P&W Canada
Military Approval:
MIL-PRF-85704C Type I
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