Penetone has over 60 years of experience in solving maintenance and production cleaning problems in steel and aluminum mills. We understand that steel and aluminum production has its own unique cleaning needs. The removal of hazardous oil accumulations and spills on floors and production equipment. The need to remove carbon, soot, grease and oil from machine parts. The necessity to control fugitive dust throughout the plant from slag pits to coil fields. We have a complete family of products developed just for the special needs in steel and aluminum mills. Environmentally safer, highly effective products that make economic sense.

The Right Chemistry For Steel & Aluminum Production

With our 60+ years of cleaning solutions, we have an extensive line of products to meet your cleaning needs, as well as extensive knowledge on how to use them. We’ve organized this by mill area and followed it with some general information on product types and their uses and then specific information on these products.

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Mill Areas
Parts Washers Caster Overhead Cranes
Shops Mill Entry Cutting Solvent Water Treatment Plant
Coke Plant Hot Mill Dust Control
Blast Furnace Cold Mill Ice Control
Melt Shop PCB Cleanup Equipment
Hot Dip Tanks Mobile Equip. & RR Maintenance Aluminum Processing
Product Types
Alkaline Cleaners Solvent Emulsions Solvents
Chlorinated Solvent Replacements


Mill Area Product Dilution – How Used
Parts Washers Citrikleen RI 5 to 1, follow with Pensolv L1060 or TPC dip to prevent flash rusting
Shops – machine, pipe, boiler, electrical –
Cold degreasing solvent
TPC, Pensolv L1060 Straight
Electrical Shops – electrical equipment, motors,
armatures, contact switches
Inhibisol OS, Pensolv Safe 100,
Pensolv PB2000, Pensolv L805
Coke Plant
Tar & Sludge in Underfire Gas MainsCold Solvent DegreasingEngine Room EquipmentPump Pits, Tools, Equipment Parts CitrikleenTPC, Pensolv L1060CitrikleenNavee 42, TPC, Pensolv L1060 2 to 1Straight2-3 to 1Straight
Blast Furnace
Power HouseCast House Equipment Navee 42, TPC, Pensolv L1060Navee 42 Straight
Melt Shop
BOF Trunyon Housing & Surrounding Equipment
Trunyon Bearings
Navee 42
TPC, Pensolv L1060
TPC, Pensolv L1060
Maintenace Aisle General Clean Up Citrikleen, Old Salt 2 to 1
All Rolling Mills
Mill Entry Cutting Solvent TPC, Pensolv L1060 Straight
Hot Mill
Roll Shop – floors, roll chocks, transfer cars Citrikleen XPC 2 to 1
Mill Aisle, Roughers, Mill Housings Citrikleen, Navee 42, Old Salt Straight
Oil Cellars, Motor Room Citrikleen, Navee 42, Old Salt 2-3 to 1
General Cleaning – dip tanks for bearings & bearing sleeves TPC, Pensolv L1060 Straight
Shear Lines – degrease equipment, rolls & belts, dry-up Inhibisol OS Straight
Cold Mill
Pickle Line Degreasing
Clean & Flush Electrostatic Oilers
Citrikleen, Navee 42, Old Salt
TPC, Pensolv L1060
2 to 1
Mill Cleaning Citrikleen, Navee 42, Old Salt Straight
Temper Mill Degreasing
Clean & Flush Electrostatic Oilers
Dry Up Solvent – for rolling special steels &
special reinspection processes
Citrikleen, Navee 42, Old Salt
TPC, Pensolv L1060
Inhibisol OS
Straight to 5 to 1
Slitter Lines
Cutting Solvent
Citrikleen, Navee 42, Old Salt
TPC, Pensolv L1060
Straight to 5 to 1
Tension Leveler
Cutting Solvent
Citrikleen, Navee 42, Old Salt
TPC, Pensolv L1060
Straight to 5 to 1
Cut Backs
Cutting Solvent
Citrikleen, Navee 42, Old Salt
TPC, Pensolv L1060
Straight to 5 to 1
Roll Shop – roll chocks Citrikleen, Navee 42, Old Salt 10 to 1 with power spray equipmment
Shear Line
Degrease Equipment, Rolls & Belts
Dry Up Solvent
Citrikleen, Navee 42, Old Salt
TPC, Pensolv L1060
Inhibisol OS
5 to 1
General Degreasing – floors, basements, oil cellars Citrikleen, Navee 42, Old Salt Straight. Use 10 to 1 in floor scrubbers
Mobile Equipment, RR Maintenance, Steam Cleaning
Steam Cleaners
Floor Scrubbers
Power Washing Equipment
Power Cleaner, Slix, Powermate Steam Cleaning – 30 to 1
Floor Scrubbing – 10 to 1
Power Washing – 10-20 to 1
PCB Cleanup Powercleaner 155 5-20 to 1
Hot Dip Tanks – Bearings Penpower 226H, Penpower 500L 1/2 – 1 lb per gallon water
Cooler Banks – Rust & Scale Penpower 226H, Penpower 500L 1/2 – 1 lb per gallon water
Heat Exchangers – Rust & Scale Penpower 226H, Penpower 500L 1/2 – 1 lb per gallon water
Overhead Cranes Pensolv L805 Straight
Water Treatment Plant – Floors, Filter Pans,
Sludge Pits
Citrikleen 2-3 to 1
Dust Control
Haul Roads, Slag Crushing Sites, Coil Fields, Slab
Yards, Dirt Roadways & Berms
Melt Shop, Slat Pits, Castor Tundish Pits,
Slag Crushing Sites
Dust Arrest HCCDust Arrest FFC-R 10 to 1 dilution, long term
control, multiple applications
100-200 to 1 dilution, residual
foaming agent
Ice Control
Barrier – for crane runways, outside cat walks, areas
surrounding cooling towers, building eves, outside
equipment.Breaker – for outside equipment, pumps & valves, overhead
doors, RR switches, coke plant conveyor systems, cooling
De-Icer 818De-Icer RTU60 PG StraightStraight
parts washers, deicer systems, Slix application system, steam cleaning equipment, Dust Arrest application systems.
ALUMINUM PROCESSING: Aluminum Cleaners & Aluminum Etchants
Penblitz 684L, Penpower 690L
Highly alkaline products designed to rapidly etch aluminum surfaces.  Form foam supression blanket.
Immersion tank Use 4-8 oz of 684L or 690L per gal of water at 100-180 F. Immerse for 1-5 minutes for most alloys.  Follow with cold water rinse.
An activated, high performance phosphoric acid based detergent etchant.
Immersion tank Use at a 20% dilution with water.  Immerse 5-30 minutes depending on the etch required.  Follow with a cold water rinse.
A phosphoric acid based cleaner etchant.  Deposits a light phosphate coating for increased paint adhesion.
Immersion tank or spray-on Use at 5-25% dilution with water.  Use cold or heated.  Rinse with water
Product Type
Soils Features/Benefits
Products Best Applications How Used
Grease & Oils No odorHigh flashpointNo flash rustingReplace kerosene &mineral spiritsRecyclable TPC Solvent
Pensolv L1060
Parts washers & Dip tanks.Clean parts, bearings &miscellaneous equipment Straight
Chlorinated Solvent Replacements
Grease & Oils, Soot, Light to Medium Soils No flashpointRapid drying timeNo residue after dryingRecyclableTLVMay attack base materialOdor Pensolv PB2000Inhibisol OS General electrical cleaning.Temper Mill/Slitter Line dry up forspecial steels & special re-inspection.Hot & Cold Roll Shear Line dry-up Spray & wipeSpray & wipeSpray down entire line
Solvent Emulsions
Grease, Oil, Baked Carbonaceous Soils, Sludge, Tar Moderate to no flashpointImproved waste disposalGood for tough cleaningapplicationsViscous for clingSlipperiness on floorsRinsabilityOdor CitrikleenNavee 42Old SaltPenmul L599 Remove oil in Coil Storage areasRemove 1-2″ grease from RollChocksOil cellars & Basements.Oil cellars & Basements Floor scrubbers, 10 to 1dilution.Apply undiluted.Apply undiluted.  Mild odor.Apply undiluted.  Odorless.
Alkaline Cleaners
Grease & Oils, Soot, Light to Heavy Soils No flashpointHighly concentratedEasily dilutableBiodegradableCompatible with mostequipment
Power CleanerPowermateSlixPowercleaner 155  Steam cleanersFloor scrubbersPower washing equipmentPCB cleanup 30 to 1 dilution10 to 1 dilution10-20 to 1 dilution5-20 to 1 dilution
Penpower 226HPenpower 500L Hot tank for bearings. Remove rust & scale in Cooler Banks & Heat Exchangers. 1/2 – 1 lb per gallon water.  For bearings, dip in rust preventative after cleaning.


Acid SG pH Use pH Foam
PL 998 phosphoric 1.25 <1 1-2 low
Wedac phosphoric 1.38 <1 1-2 moderate
Alkalines – Liquid
SG pH Use pH Caustic Free Phosphate Free Foam
Penblitz 684L 1.26 >13 12-13 no yes low
Powercleaner 1.17 >13 11.5-12 yes no low
Powercleaner 155 1.13 12.3-12.7 11.5-12 yes no low
Powermate 1.07 12.5-13 12-12.5 yes yes high
Slix 1.05 11.8-12.3 10.5-11 yes yes high
Alkalines – Powders
Penpower 226H 10.5-11 yes yes high
Penpower 500L >13 no yes low
Penpower 690L >13 no yes low
Solvent Emulsions
Solvent Content SG pH Use pH TCC COC % VOCs
Citrikleen d-limonene medium 0.97 10-10.5 9.5-10 125 165 30
Citrikleen RI d-limonene medium 0.97 10-10.5 9.5-10 125 165 30
Citrikleen XPC d-limonene high 0.86 8-9 125 130 90
Navee 42 aromatic HC medium 1.02 11.8-12.2 11-11.5 NTB NTB 50
Old Salt aliphatic HC medium 0.90 12.8-13.2 12-12.5 NTB NTB 45
Penmul L599 aliphatic HC medium 0.90 11.4-11.9 11-11.5 NTB NTB 60
Contains SG TCC COC % VOCs VP
Pensolv Safe 100 Aerosol HCFC 141b 1.22 NTB NTB 100 >500
Pensolv PB2000 n-propyl bromide 1.23 NTB NTB 100 110
Inhibisol OS Trichloroethylene 1.46 NTB NTB 100 58
Pensolv L805 aliphatic HC & d-limonene 0.78 105 110 100 <5
TPC Solvent aliphatic HC 0.76 130 145 100 <10
Pensolv L1060 aliphatic HC 0.78 160 175 100 <1