Whatever your pipeline “C”leaning problem: Conversion, Contamination, or Corrosion – we have a “C”leaning solution for:

  • Removal of heavy grease, carbonized deposits, tar and asphalt, waste fats and contamination.
  • Cleaning of gelled oils, Teflon dust, pipe varnish and tube turn coating.
  • Removal of water or oil based residues, graphite, polymers, thermal activated greases,┬ádegreasing compounds petroleum complex, and PCBs.

The Citrikleen method developed by Penetone, in cooperation with major pipeline cleaning companies, has been field approved at large petrochemical plants with results that are highly efficient, providing fast and effective cleaning, plus greater economy, over other types of chemical cleaning and often times over mechanical methods of cleaning.

The Right Chemistry for the Pipeline Industry.

West Penetone/Penetone Has Products For These Pipeline Cleaning Needs:
Conversions – Contamination – Corrosion
Carbon Black
Carbonized Deposits
Gelled Oils
Waste Fats
Solidified Grease
Pipe Varnish
Teflon Dust
Tube Turn Coating
Citrikleen Method

  • Biodegradable after soil release
  • High Flash Point – 125 to 165 F COC
  • No Petroleum Hydrocarbons
  • Non-Chlorinated
  • Water Soluble
  • Pleasant Odor


  • Usually a Once Through Cycle
  • User Friendly
  • Super Cleaning
  • No Heating Required
  • Economical
Use for heavy grease, oils, carbonized deposits, tar, lubes, waste fats.CITRIKLEEN HD:
Use for grease, carbon, solidified grease, gelled oils, specialty lubes, Teflon dust, pipe varnish, tube turn coating, chloride salt, iron sulfide.CITRIKLEEN XPC:
Use for graphite, carbon black, polymers, greases, oils, petroleum/complex, tars/asphalt, silicone, paraffin.GENERAL CLEANING PROCEDURE:
Set up pipeline train as follows: Foam disk, 25% solution of Citrikleen, brush pig, Citrikleen solution, foam disk, water, foam disk, water, run the train at approximately 2-5 mph. Repeat, if necessary, with the same solution after skimming off soils. Dry the pipeline to the specified dew point.


Products For:
Oxides & Inorganic Scale PL-998Versatile acid based cleaner possessing heavy duty detergent properties and powerful acid metal conditioners.
PCBs POWERCLEANER 155Highly concentrated liquid alkaline used to clean up difficult PCB contamination. Also highly effective for removing grease, oil and grime quickly and safely.