No matter what weapon system is being maintained, Penetone has the right products with specifications that meet and exceed the specifications required by the military. We take pride in our expertise to develop safer, and more economical products without sacrificing performance.

Military Aerospace
Description Product Mil Spec Detail/Comments
Aircraft Exteriors,
AGE Cleaning
(pumps &
aerosols are spot
Penair C-5572
Penair C-5575
Penair HD-1
Penair HD-1 Pump Spray
Penair HD-2
Penair HD-3
Penair HD-4
Penair HD-4 RTU
Pump & Aerosol
Penair M-3616
Penair M-5571
Penair M-5572B
Penair M-5575
Penair M-7936
MIL-PRF-85570D Type II
MIL-PRF-85570D Type V
MIL-PRF-87937D Type I
MIL-PRF-87937D Type I
MIL-PRF-87937C Type II
MIL-PRF-87937D Type III
MIL-PRF-87937D Type IV
MIL-PRF-87937D Type IVMil-C-43616C Amend. 2
MIL-PRF-85570D Type I
MIL-C-85570B Type II
MIL-C-85570B Type V
MIL-C-87936A Type I
Carbon Removal Penetone 1112
Penetone 1112A
Pen-Strip NP
P-C-111D Type II (RTU)
MIL-PRF-87937 Corrosion
carbon removing compound, RTU
carbon removing compound, RTU, multi-metal safe
carbon removing compound, agitated tanks
Degreasing –
Penetone 1090 A-A-59601D Type III cleaning compound, degreasing & depreserving
Pensolv L1099 MIL-PRF-680 Type III
Deicing Penetone 2431
Penetone 2432
MIL-A-8243D Type I
MIL-A-8243D Type II
aircraft deicer, propylene glycol based
aircraft deicer, ethylene glycol/propylene glycol,
Disinfectant Wescodyne Plus CID A-A-1440A disinfectant, detergent, general purpose (iodophor)
Fuel Tank & Bilge
Formula 730 MIL-C-22230B
Gas Path Cleaning Penair M-5704A MIL-PRF-85704C Type I turbine engine gas path cleaner
High Pressure –
Steam Cleaning
Penetone 1107
Penpower 150HM
CID A-A-59133
cleaning compound, high pressure cleaner, liquid
cleaning compound, high pressure steam cleaner
Jet Washer,
Powercleaner 310L Hill AFB Wheel/Tire cleaning compound, for parts washers, spray,
Paint Stripping Pen-Strip NPX,Pen-Strip M-3936B
Pen-Strip G
MIL-R-81903A Type II,
Class II
remover, acid activated, for amine-cured epoxy,
coating systems
remover, paint, tank type for aircraft wheels, landing gear components, & other aircraft/AGE components
remover, paint & lacquer, solvent type, thickened
Vapor Degreasing Inhibisol OS ASTM D4080 (O-T-634C) trichloroethylene, technical & vapor degreasing
Windows Window Jetkleer TO IC-135(K)R2-2GA-2 for KC-135s