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The selection of a chemical cleaner for use on your aircraft is an important one and must be made with care and knowledge. Using the wrong product could lead to aluminum corrosion, which might lead to possible long term damage, expensive repairs, and even loss of life. Insist on products that meet military or commercial aviation manufacturer’s specifications. Insist on West/Penetone products.

Product Selection And Specifications:
Application Product Specifications
Exterior Wash Penair HD-1
Penair M5572B
Boeing D6-17487, Mil-PRF-987937C Type I.
MD-CSD1, Mil-C-85570B Type II.
Windows Window Jetkleer AMS 1535B
Spray on/Wipe Off Water Based Spot Cleaner Penair HD-1 Pump Spray Same as above.
Aerosol Degreasers Pensolv PB2000
Lubrisil OS
Not applicable.
Not applicable.
Steam/High Pressure Penetone 1107 Mil-C-22542B.
Engine/Landing Gears Penair HD-1 Same as above.
Hanger Floors Penair HD-1
Penblitz 406L
None required for this application.
Turbines Penetone 19
Penair 5704A
Solar, GE, Pratt & Whitney.
Mil-PRF-85704C Type I.


Penair HD-1 – A patented biodegradable aircraft cleaner/degreaser containing detergents, natural solvents and corrosion inhibitors. Use for general wash at a concentration of 10:1 to 20:1 dilution with water. Degrease engines undiluted and landing gear at a 2:1 dilution with water. Some agitation may be required.

Penair M5572B – A general duty detergent for washing painted and unpainted surfaces. No odor and gentle on the skin.

Window Jetkleer – Formulated for safety on plastic windows as well as glass. Will not harm chemically sensitive acrylic that could be damaged with an ammoniated or high pH product. Excellent lubricity and static control.

Penair HD-1 Pump Spray – Use this product to remove greasy finger and palm prints from wings, cowlings and steps. Spray on and wipe off. This is a water based product.

Pensolv PB2000 – This is the newest technology available in no flash point cleaners with rapid evaporation. Contains no chlorinated solvents and no HCFCs which evaporate too fast for effective degreasing. Spray this product on connectors, leaky fuel pumps, and to remove grease from all metal surfaces.

Lubrisil OS – Silicone lube and heavy duty degreaser. No flash point. Spray on and the grease is gone leaving a thin layer of slick silicone lubricant.

Penetone 1107 – Multi-metal safe heavy duty detergent to be used through high pressure or steam equipment. Safe on all metals and all painted surfaces.

Penblitz 406L – Use in a bucket or a power scrubber at 25:1 dilution with water. Removes most soils easily and is a low foaming product.

Penetone 19 – Formulated to remove corrosive deposits and soil build-up from turbine compressor blades. Spray on at 9:1 dilution with water, allow 5 minutes dwell, and water rinse.

Penair M5704A – Gas path cleaner formulated to clean dirt, oil residue, and salt deposits from interior gas path surfaces. Mix 1:4 with water, allow 10 minutes dwell, and water rinse.